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Alice in Italy

Thank you for visiting Alice's exhibition.  If you would like to leave a comment please do so in the box below.

Responses via emails. _______________________________________
"Many thanks for the fabulous photos of Italy. Absolutely brilliant. Great talent!!" Frank and June Cartwright, New Zealand _______________________________________
"Loved the Alice in Italy photos and yes you certainly could have titled it "Alice in Wonderland".  No wonder that you always wanted to get back to Italy and Tuscany in particular.  It all looked very sensational and we will have to put on our bucket list with so many others." John and Lyn Larson, Australia _______________________________________
"Beautiful photos, made me want to travel again! thank you."  Anne Lim, Singapore _______________________________________
"Thanks for the splendid and beautiful photos taken by Alice in Italy."  Ray, Thailand _______________________________________
"Nice to see the g…